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Evolve is a talent development program aimed at supplementing IT organizations in emerging technologies, trained by our industry leading technical experts.

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We're creating tech talent where it doesn't exist

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Classroom based training

4-6 weeks of training on site at Agility Partners, outside of normal works hours (weekends), so our students don't have to quit their jobs.

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Training in emerging technologies

We leave standard technical training to universities and bootcamps. We focus on emerging technologies - RPA, Salesforce, Ruby on Rails - that are important to enterprise organizations.

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Technical Experts

Our Instructors are widely recognized as experts in their technical domain that have a passion for people and training. They focus on real world application of emerging technologies.

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Qualified and Certified

We thoroughly vet candidates for the program to ensure that they have what it takes to complete our program, get certified and apply their new skills.

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Employment Partnerships

We're in the business of recruiting after all. We leverage our vast network of companies and candidates to make sure these new skills are put to use.

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